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Services: Document Management System
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Our Service - Document Management System

ES2Cloud now supports document management.

What differentiate us from the rest are the followings :

  • Mobile Application : You could take a picture of your receipt using our mobile phone application (no need to buy scanner and if scanner spoiled, you have another option to upload image).
  • Indexing Services : Sometimes, you want to scan documents that are not related to accounting transactions and you want to be able to retrieve back these documents. We do support such requirement too. It is called indexing service
  • Central Documentation Systems : You want supporting documents and images to be next to you when you are looking at them. You do not want to find them in another system or another place. The images can be tag and indexed at the same time
  • No More Papers : We have design our system in such a way you can look at the document side by side and perform data entry at the same time. So that you do not need the physical document next to you