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Our Service - ES Payroll

Our latest member to our suite of product is ES Payroll.

What differentiate us from the rest are the followings :

  • Preconfigured Built-in Integrated Spreadsheet : You no longer require to prepare your claim via spreadsheet initially and subsequently place rekey in the final figure into the Payroll system. Now, we have build-in spreadsheet and integrate the spreadsheet to our Payroll system. This will reduce your manual and tedious processing and increase your productivity and efficiency
  • Mobile Time Sheet : You can use your mobile phone to perform check-in and check out. No more punch card and paper trails. Increase efficiency
  • Records in Batches : When you record payroll, you do not need to do it one employee at at time. You can do record entirely at one time.
  • Fast and Easy Maintenance : Maintaining information like employee records can be tedious especially when you have a large number of employees. We allow you to change employee records in batches without the need of going in and out of each employee that otherwise would be slow and tedious and error prone
  • Claim Personalization : Different companies operate differently and have different computing policies. This is very true especially when it comes to overtime claim. We can support any form of variation and permutation to ensure that your process is fully automated