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Our Service - Cloud Accounting Service

ES Accounting is a cloud accounting solution. It was launch in Nov 2013 and since then we have major changes. In short span of 3 year, we are top local cloud accounting solution provider in Malaysia.

ES Accounting is design to cater for SME industry. We will launching new services in the very near future to complement and enhance our value proposition to SME

What differentiate us from the rest are the followings :

  • We are the first local software provider that allows user to personalize invoices
  • We have the most flexible access control in the industry. We deploy Role Based Access Control which are normally deployed for large companies
  • We ensure the processing is easy and convenient and practical for users

Key Features

  • Invoice Personalization
  • Malaysia GST Full Compliant
  • Fast Data Entry By Using Templates
  • Microsoft Excel way of data entry input and output
  • Flexible Access Control (RBAC)
  • Flexible Journal Entry
  • Fixed Asset
  • Multi Department/Project Account
  • Batch Printing, Cheque Printing
  • Foreign Currency Support
  • And many more