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Services: DropIn - Contact Tracking Software
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Our Service - DropIn : A Contact Tracking Software

On May 7th, 2020, ES2Cloud have developed a contact tracking software.

  • Why We Build This? : Covid19 do not discriminate. It affects every one. We want to be involved in the fight against Covid19 and thus we feel this is one area where we can contribute.
  • Is It Free : Yes, it is free for non profit organisations. Subject to management approval. As for businesses, there will be a small token levied to cover our operating costs.
  • How Does It Work :
    • Step 1 : Organisation subscribes for our service
    • Step 2 : We will email to Organisation a PDF document with QR Code ready to be printed
    • Step 3 : Organisation prints the page with QR Code and places it at the entrance before their customer/visitor comes in
    • Step 4 : Visitor scan the QR code using their own mobile phone
    • For "not yet registered" visitors, they would need to register for the first time. Once registered, it will bring the visitor to the CheckIn page. The visitor will just click on the CheckIn button. That is all required to be done
    • For already registered visitors, after scanning the QR code, then they just click on the "CheckIn" button. That's it
  • Use Cases : DropIn can be used under the following scenario
    • 1 : Staff Clock In
    • 2 : Customer Registration
    • 3 : Condo - Visitor Registration
    • 4 : Contact Tracing